Richard & Mandy | Harding Family Farm, Swaziland

All I can say is that my first “international” wedding was absolutely amazing. If I where to put a summary here on the blog I would take up 2 pages so here is the brief version.

Swaziland is truly a beautiful country and one that I will definitely return to one day soon, it is also the only country where I witnessed a lone driver overtake 10 vehicles on a blind rise whilst eating a mielie the size of a South African butternut with the one hand and the other hand on the wheel…:)

The wedding was on Mandy’s family farm, just outside Manzini. The venue was built by hand from scratch in a ounce very dense bush, including flush toilets and a donkey boiler for hot water. The 2 families just put every once of effort into making this special day, a magical day. The ceremony was in the “man made” river bed on the farm. I cannot thank the 2 families enough for looking after me, from the minute I arrived they made me feel like a family member and for this I am truly thankful, I do hope to see some of you soon!

Well done Richard and Mandy, you guys where great and I am grateful for meeting you both, I assure you – we will meet again.. Thanks again and enjoy the pics.

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