About Me

About Me

Brett Nattrass of Brett Nattrass Photography is passionate about capturing moments in natural environment. Having been a wedding photographer for 10 years, Brett Nattrass moved is focus over to the world of stock photography. He is an exclusive Getty photographer and Videographer with a portfolio of nearly 20 000 files. Brett has traveled to Whistler in Canada, Malaysia, Japan and Europe to create and capture content.

“Stock photography has given me the freedom to work when I want and wherever I want, my aim is to build a long term portfolio which will be handed down to my children one day”

Brett picked up his passion for photography in 1996 on a trip to the United States. He took a photo of everything he went passed, from poles to people to an amazing shot of the twin towers over the bay (a shot no human can ever get again). After 100+ weddings the time came to shift his focus on stock photography around 2011, since then he has never turned back.

He is a proud father to the most amazing 12 year (time of writing) old little boy – Benjamin, and 1 year old daughter Emelie, these two are often seen in adverts and prints from their modelling stints with their father. He is also the happiest husband ever with my most amazing wife Ronel, “She stands by me every step of the way and you will often see her carrying my camera bag or jumping on a rock to get a stock image or video. I am truly blessed to have these 3 people in my life.”

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Wedding Photographer Brett Nattrass and his family

Photo Credit – Wil Punt | Peartree