Miller Family Shoot

This post is about 2 months overdue! I spent an afternoon with Katie and Peter Miller a while back to just catch up, have lunch, drink a sterie and take some photo’s, this is what came of that lunch. We had a great time just relaxing and spending time with our families (including the Wood’s – family shoot being posted this week!). Not many people will understand the story of when Peter and I actually met/interacted for the first time. It was on top of Table Mountain, 30km into a 35km race, we where both shattered (for the lack of a better word). I happened to be trailing him and when I crested a small hill there sat Mr Miller on a rock just starring into the World. Well, we both finished the race and we still laugh about it today.

Peter, you are a great man, you have an amazing family. Katie, you are a rockstar of a mom, your kids are amazing and together you guys have just got the formula right! Well done and thanks for the opportunity to take these photies!

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