George and Jess’s Cape Town Family Wedding

It is so often that I never meet a bride or a groom before their special day, such was the case with George and Jess. Everything had been done over e-mail and it was all left up to the day. It is amazing to see how two families just came together as one and the day was about a huge celebration.

The wedding was held in the Garden of Jess’s family, her mom had groomed the garden to perfection, everything was absolutely stunning. The tent was huge and even some of the garden trees where inside the tent.
George had his whole Greek family there and for me this was a first, plate breaking! What a treat to experience this, from circle dancing, plate breaking and just all round fun and laughter. I really enjoyed my day and I thank you for the opportunity to spend it with you.

Good luck on your adventure, every step you are taking you are writing your own book, have fun and I hope our paths cross some time soon.

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