The extended Clegg Clan

When a family of 16 get together for “ma’s” 70th birthday, what better occasion to get the camera out, head to the beach and have an absolute ball. I obviously know the Millers (1 of the Clegg daughters married a Miller). A family that will go out of their way to make or initiate change, they are positive, happy and just all round amazing. From the 2 hours I spent with this team, it seems that it goes the same for the rest of the clang. Just a bunch of amazing people that really enjoy life!

It was really a good opportunity to get to learn them all and get them doing some weird and wonderful things in front of the lens – of which no one faulted or hesitated (especially the JHB David who got soaked by a wave)

Congratulation on your 70th birthday Pat, you have a wonderful family and I hope I will be there on your 80th!!


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