Jethro and Kim’s stunning wedding at D’Aria

It is not every day a photographer gets to spend the whole day with their family and cousin (who is getting married), well I did and I can honestly say that it was the most humbling experience I have had in a while. Kim is from my wife’s side of the family, a family that I love dearly.

Kim and Jethro, it was really an honour for me that you asked me to be there by your side on your wedding day. I loved every minute, from the giggles and chuckles whilst Kim was getting dressed to the fun we had on the couple shoot. You two are fantastic and I am so happy for you both.

To the Rauch family, you have gained an amazing man in your family, Jethro, I have never stood still during a groom’s speech, you made me turn my camera off and listen – respect!

Well done to you both, I hope we get to spend more time with you in the future.

Love Brett, Ronel, Benjamin and Emelie

Jethro and Kim Daria-65Jethro and Kim Daria-1Jethro and Kim Daria-2Jethro and Kim Daria-3Jethro and Kim Daria-16Jethro and Kim Daria-6Jethro and Kim Daria-7Jethro and Kim Daria-8Jethro and Kim Daria-9Jethro and Kim Daria-4Jethro and Kim Daria-10Jethro and Kim Daria-11Jethro and Kim Daria-12Jethro and Kim Daria-13Jethro and Kim Daria-14Jethro and Kim Daria-15Jethro and Kim Daria-18Jethro and Kim Daria-17Jethro and Kim Daria-19Jethro and Kim Daria-20Jethro and Kim Daria-21Jethro and Kim Daria-5Jethro and Kim Daria-22Jethro and Kim Daria-23Jethro and Kim Daria-24Jethro and Kim Daria-25Jethro and Kim Daria-26Jethro and Kim Daria-28Jethro and Kim Daria-29Jethro and Kim Daria-30Jethro and Kim Daria-31Jethro and Kim Daria-27Jethro and Kim Daria-34Jethro and Kim Daria-33Jethro and Kim Daria-37Jethro and Kim Daria-38Jethro and Kim Daria-39Jethro and Kim Daria-36Jethro and Kim Daria-40Jethro and Kim Daria-41Jethro and Kim Daria-42Jethro and Kim Daria-43Jethro and Kim Daria-44Jethro and Kim Daria-45Jethro and Kim Daria-46Jethro and Kim Daria-47Jethro and Kim Daria-32Jethro and Kim Daria-50Jethro and Kim Daria-48Jethro and Kim Daria-49Jethro and Kim Daria-86Jethro and Kim Daria-51Jethro and Kim Daria-53Jethro and Kim Daria-54Jethro and Kim Daria-55Jethro and Kim Daria-56Jethro and Kim Daria-57Jethro and Kim Daria-58Jethro and Kim Daria-59Jethro and Kim Daria-60Jethro and Kim Daria-61Jethro and Kim Daria-62Jethro and Kim Daria-63Jethro and Kim Daria-64Jethro and Kim Daria-66Jethro and Kim Daria-67Jethro and Kim Daria-68Jethro and Kim Daria-70Jethro and Kim Daria-71Jethro and Kim Daria-72Jethro and Kim Daria-73Jethro and Kim Daria-74Jethro and Kim Daria-75Jethro and Kim Daria-76Jethro and Kim Daria-88Jethro and Kim Daria-78Jethro and Kim Daria-87Jethro and Kim Daria-79Jethro and Kim Daria-85Jethro and Kim Daria-84Jethro and Kim Daria-83Jethro and Kim Daria-89Jethro and Kim Daria-80Jethro and Kim Daria-82Jethro and Kim Daria-81Jethro and Kim Daria-77Jethro and Kim Daria-90Jethro and Kim Daria-91Jethro and Kim Daria-92Jethro and Kim Daria-35Jethro and Kim Daria-94Jethro and Kim Daria-93Jethro and Kim Daria-96Jethro and Kim Daria-95Jethro and Kim Daria-97Jethro and Kim Daria-98Jethro and Kim Daria-52




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  • Marianne CassellsMarch 10, 2015 - 06:24

    Brett, these photos are beautiful!
    You are truly a great photographer,
    All the effort you put in on the day.