Herd Family Shoot, Stellenbosch

Nicki mailed me a few weeks back saying that herself, Steve and Hugo would be passing through Stellenbosch on their Journey back home and that they would absolutely love some family photographs capturing the landscape of Stellenbosch (and the fam). A few mails later it turns out that Nicki (American), Steve (British) and little Hugo who is 4 and a half months was born in the UAE (where they lived for a while now) where in Stellenbosch for just 1 week attending a friends wedding and touring a bit.

Well, I met them on Saturday afternoon and immediately I clicked with them. They are a fantastic family and we not only had a great photoshoot but I took them on a quick tour of Stellenbosch whilst trying to capture the landscape and the mountains (if you guys are ever here again, can we book a whole day :))

Thanks so much you guys, it was really a pleasure to meet you and I hope to one day come and photograph Hugo’s wedding day 🙂

Hope the pics is what you where looking for!

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